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Available for remote work -- Willing to travel for on-site work

Hello! You can call me Zak.

I’m a freelance animator & illustrator based in Columbus, OH. I am driven to create compelling animations through a multitude of mediums, while making sure that the stories are concise and delightful.

I have been fortunate to have been able to collaborate with a lot of really talented studios and creative individuals, but I am always looking to work with more people. In my downtime, I’m always trying to push myself by taking a new online course through Mograph Mentor, Learn Squared or School of Motion, where I am a TA for Animation Bootcamp. I love to hangout with my fiance and take our dog to the park, watch film commentaries (yes, I’m THAT guy), hunt for the perfect taco place and poorly play the ukulele.

This past year I was super lucky to be able to present a trick at Blendfest: Easy Parallax in After Effects

I’ve also been able to collaborate on other amazing projects: