CARL-O-WEEN 2015 Animations

Sometime in the summer of 2015, everyone at Spacejunk sat down in a conference and brainstormed costumes that our beloved mascot Commander Carl could wear for Halloween. We each chose our favorite ideas and for months we worked in our down time from client-work to create short little animations of how Carl envisioned himself in that costume, and in October we released one each day for the 30 Days of Carl.

These are the animations I worked on for the month, however I did not create the logo animation in the beginning, but I kept it as a nice intro here. Check out everyone’s work cut together here:

It was a ton of fun walking around and seeing everyone work on their own animation, and it was really interesting to see all of the different styles. I also had the pleasure of doing a couple of interstitial animations of Commander Carl in his spaceship. I spent way too long getting that warp-speed boost to look right, but I really learned a lot.